Mustafa El Amin

Founder/Executive Director

From a very young age Mustafa El Amin has been involved in both the music and community sectors. At 16 years old he was signed to a recording deal under the artist name “Goncept” with Cashanova Records which started his career as a hip hop artist. By the time he was 18, Mustafa owned and operated his own music studio, Mix n Hits Studio. For 5 years, through this studio, Mustafa created a space where local up and coming artists could develop their artistic talent and receive guidance around the business aspects of their music.


Mustafa took a brief pause from the music and entertainment industry due to personal circumstances in the late 2010s, moving into roles where he continued to use his knowledge of the industry and his own personal life experiences to mentor and work with youth. He began this work as a youth outreach worker with the Youth Action Network. He has over time transitioned into the Managing Director role with a special focus on once again cultivating creative spaces for youth through YAN Media. In 2017 he was elected to the board of Manifesto, being recognized for his deep connection to both work in community and his vast knowledge of the music industry both in Canada and abroad.

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