The MyStand Mentorship program includes year long one to one mentorships which connect one adult mentor with a maximum of 2 youth mentees who will engage in weekly mentorship sessions and participate in larger program and partner events. Mentees will also engage in regular workshop sessions.



MyStand Mentors Requirements

MyStand Mentors should embody most, if not all of the following criteria:

  • Ideal demographic: Adult, Male, Person of Color

  • Personal experience overcoming barrier

  • Personal experience of being mentored

  • Has an understanding of working with hard to reach, vulnerable and at risk youth and the communities they come from

  • Has knowledge to offer in a particular industry or sector

  • Open to connecting youth to diverse networks


Mentor Responsibilities

  • Meet one on one with mentees (max 2)  on a consistent basis (minimum 1x per month)

  • Support mentees in development of skills

  • Attend mentor/mentee networking events

  • Attend mandatory pre program training

  • Provide feedback for program evaluation 

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