MyStand’s ambassador program is a great way to give back to the youth in  community by volunteering your time and sharing your knowledge and experience with young people. Ambassadors also help spread the word about MyStand, connecting the organizations to more youth, resources and mentors to continue to build our program.


Below you'll find a bit more information about what's involved in becoming an ambassador!


What are the criteria for an Ambassador?

  • Industry leaders or influencers

  • Committed to mentorship and supporting the development of young people

  • Speaks with confidence and integrity

  • Comfortable with public speaking

  • Has a desire to give back to community


What are the time commitments of an Ambassador?


MyStand Ambassadors have no strict time commitments. As an ambassador we only ask that you speak about the work of MyStand to friends, family, colleagues and influencers who may also be interested in supporting the program or young people who could benefit from the program.


Other commitments as an Ambassador can include:

  • Giving motivational talks with program participants and other youth

  • Sharing your inspirational story through our media campaigns

  • Connecting new ambassadors to the program

  • Hosting fundraisers for the program


To become an ambassador please email us directly at

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