History of MyStand



MyStand is a registered not-for-profit organization which provides mentorship supports particularly for black, male, youth which are holistic, culturally relevant and sensitive to their unique needs. We recognize the direct benefit of mentorship in helping youth with self development through assessments, workshops and mentorship and have found success in combining all three of these elements into our mentorship programming.


MyStand is governed by a board as well as an advisory committee of young people who have overcome barriers to success and recognize the need for increased mentorship for the next generation of young people to be able to do the same. All advisory members are between 16-35.


MyStand was formed in 2013 by  Executive Director Mustafa El Amin. He recognized that so many youth were lacking in positive, consistent and efficient mentorship. He also realized the need for this kind of mentorship in order for young people to be able to overcome the systemic and internalized barriers they struggled with. What began with successfully executed celebrity basketball and youth summit (Weekend 4 Change) has turned into a full fledged mentorship program which focuses on combining youth assessments, networking events, mentorship matching and workshops to give youth the tools needed to build positive, healthy relationships and navigate their own life and career paths.


Inspire youth to believe and achieve a vision of success



To support young people in finding their own formulas to success through mentorship, fostering healthy relationships and providing access to networking opportunities.  



Integrity, Honesty and Accountability

The Power of Healthy Relationships

Lived Experiences as Teachable Moments

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